Private Poppy's shoebox

This is a secundary blog.

Most post will be about movies, tv-shows, books and comics that I like.

Expect a lot of Marvel material, but also stuff from other fandoms.

I’ll post some personal stuff here too, some social/political things and some humor.

Comics by character

MARVEL COMICS, Comic Black Widow, Comic Daredevil, Comic Deadpool, Comic Dr Doom, Comic Emma Frost, Comic Galactus, Comic Jean Grey, Comic Heimdal, Comic Loki, Comic Namor, Comic Nightcrawler, Comic Thor, Comic Scarlet Witch, Comic Sif, Comic Spiderman, Comic Dr. Strange, DC COMICS, Comic Batman, Comic Flash, Comic Poison Ivy, Comic Superman, Comic Wonder Woman

Comics by artist

Olivier Coipel, Shannon Gallant, Stephanie Hans, Stuart Immonen, Jamie McKelvie, Jack Kirby, Mike Mignola, Phil Noto, Mirco Pierfederic, Esad Ribic, Walt Simonson, Billy tan

Movies and series

MARVEL MOVIES, MCU Black Widow, MCU Fandral, MCU Frigga, MCU Hogun, MCU Jane, MCU Laufey, MCU Loki, MCU Malekith, MCU Odin, MCU Pepper Potts, MCU Sif, MCU Steve Rogers, MCU Tony Stark, MCU Thor, MCU Volstagg, OTHER MOVIES AND SERIES, Babylon 5, Buffy the vampire slayer, Dr Who, Firefly, Hellboy movies, Star Trek, Xena, X-men movies, Other movies and series

Everything else

personal info, discussions, sociopolitical stuff, writing tips